ELF :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I was thinking about purchasing in Elf (eyes, lips, face) longer time and two weeks ago I finally decide to buy few products by them. So last week (on Monday) I received package and I can not describe how happy I was (best feeling is, when you receive a package and you know, there is something inside of it, that is going to make you happy). So when package arrived, my sister called me (she and my mom were in swimming pool) to let me know that package arrived and I can not describe, how hard it was too me to wait for her, to came out of the pool, so we can open it together (its our little tradition when we order something together).

While I was waiting for my sister, our little pug Luna was trying to open package instead of me, LOL (photo is not good quality, because it was hard to get a photo while Luna was running with package around the room)

Luna on guard

And then we finally opened it...

All items together, so you can see them. As you can see, we did not purchase so many items, but its because we didn't know how Elf products would work for us.

This is enough for today. Tomorrow I will show to you few products and tell you my opinion about them :)
Enjoy (:


  1. Haha I know this feeling, few days ago I got my new bag ;D
    Cute dog!

    I've new post, kisses from Poland!

  2. Whoooa, lucky you! Can't wait to read some reviews :) xxx

  3. Hey !
    Check this out !your Tagged :)