The Saturday Daybook

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Date... 9.5.2011
Starting time... 22:50
Mood... bored
Outside my window..... night 
I'm thinking ..... when I will start with my giveaway :)
I'm currently reading...... VOGUEEEEEEEE (YES,Im excited about it sooooo much, because its my first Vogue, MY QUOTE : Its not just a magazine, Its Vogue. LOL. You can see, how happy I am :D )
I'm listening to..... music on youtube
I'm looking forward to..... having my second giveaway
Yesterday, I..... was really happy. It was such a happy and great day :)
The song stuck inside my head is...... S.O.S (Abba) - soundtrack from Mamma mia- my favorite movie xD
This week I spend money on..... a lot of things xD (earrings (20 pairs), hair clips, perfumes.... ) 
What time did you get up this morning ? No idea, but I know I had a great waking up, because my sister let Luna (pug) in my room, and when she saw me, she jump on the bed and start to lick my face :D LOL
Who was the last person I called (phone) ? My dear friend Lea
Last movie I were watching... its not a movie, but ok- White collar 
Quote... Remember, happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think. (Dale Carnegie)
Tomorrow..... homework....... -.-
Ending time....... 23:21

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