January magazines

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In January I had obsession, that I never had before- Magazines. I have been buying all magazines I found. It was really crazy. But unfortunately in my country (Slovenia) there is not a lot of good fashion magazines, so It was hard to find them.

Few of them :




And I’m putting here two music video from a list of popularity, from this week on MTV.

Girls come on 1st place. 

Money Makes the Girl$ Go Round

And those cute boys come on 8th place:

Till I forget you



Soon I will be giving a giveaway gift, so beeeee readdddyyy Smile I’m not going to tell you yet, what I’m going to give, and when will competition starts, so I will leave this as a little secret. I hope you will join it when it starts Open-mouthed smile 

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