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You have seen what difference a great frame can make to a painting. It is the eyebrows that form a frame for your eyes. Beautifully groomed eyebrows make a huge difference. It is possible to transform a face with just tweezers, shadow, a brow brush, and brow gel. A professional will help you find your ideal shape. Once the brows have been groomed, it is easy to do your own upkeep.

Here i put some pictures (find on Google.com) how to shape your eyebrows.

shaping-eyebrows  eyebrow-shape eyebrows-right-shape


And here you can find the best shape of brows for your face shape.



And when it comes to makeup…

Fist define brows using shadow or pencil in the color of your eyebrows and hair. When you applying the shadow begin at the inner corner of the brow, and follow its natural shape using light, feathery strokes. Next just set unruly brows in place with a brow shaper. Fill in sparse areas or holes in the brow with an eye pencil. For the most natural look, layer powder shadow on top. Soften too-harsh brow color by pressing loose powder onto the brows with a powder puff.


And more tips…

To make eyebrow plucking less painful, place a warm flannel on your brows to open up the hair follicles and make it easier to pull out any stray hairs. When you have finished, hold ice cubes on your brows to close the pores and soothe them.


To get the perfect arch, spray a little hairspray onto your fingers and quickly apply to your eyebrows. Brush them into shape using a dry toothbrush and leave to set. You can also do this by drawing a rough guideline on your brow using an eyebrow pencil for the shape and then pluck the unwanted hairs away from your penciled lines.

Always pluck from underneath and never above. And never pluck in the opposite direction to which the hair grows. Not only will it feel more painful but if you pluck in the direction of growth, it will grow back flat.



For helping you with shaping your eyebrows, its a best solution to buy stencils, or make your own (printable stencils.)

Printable stencils: You can print these and cut out the shape with an exactor knife. Of course these stencils are for single use, but they’re great for trying a new look without having to invest in a set just to find out you don’t absolutely love it. For get them-click here !


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