Monday, December 29, 2014

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This one is for the boys ! First of all what even is lumbersexual ? This is a huge trend right now and everyone keeps talking about it. I would explain lumbersexuals as hot hipsters who look like lumberjacks. Basically looking like you don’t give a F*** about anything but truth is you spend hours and hours daily to look like this. Here I am to tell you how to become one!

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//1// BEARD // Must have if you are planning to be lumbersexual. It will took you extra long to get to the point where your beard is actually going to look like a thing but once you get there girls will be stalking you all the time. The whole point of lumbersexuallity is to look like you just came out of the wood but that doesn’t mean you actually don’t care about your look. Well groomed beard means a lot of time and more important- care. Because I’m a girl I don’t know a lot about this topic that’s why I am sending you to the GQ site to read beard guide.  

//2// FLANNEL SHIRT // Hipsters brought it back and now it’s here. They come in variety of color combination and patterns but absolutely most popular is red plaid. Flannel shirt is an item that makes you more rough as they are a sign that there is a lumberjack kind of guy in you.

//3// TATTOOS // When you unbutton that flannel shirt make sure I’ll be able to see your abs you got from chopping firewood, and tattoos all over your body. No tattoos of names or photos of your exes but keep them simple and as abstract as they can be. No one should understand them not even you. If anyone asks you say it’s a secret. Tattoo sleeve ? Even better!

//4// BACKPACK // Every single time I go somewhere with some guy he keeps giving me his stuff to put in to my purse just because they can’t fit everything in their pockets. If you’re a lumbersexual you’re allowed to carry a backpack. Not just any kind of but the one that looks simple and the colors should reminds us of woods. Let everyone think you are carrying axe while the truth is there is a new MacBook Air hiding in it.

//5// FOOD // If you are planning to become a part of one of the most hottest trends you should start eating organic food. Next time you visit a locally owned café (that’s where you should be!) order yourself a craft beer or cocktail.

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