Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi ! I'm back with SS BOOKSHELF !!!!! Open-mouthed smile So today I will present you my new book Bra. I got it for the end of school year and I just love it. I'm really enjoying in reading it, because its fun and educational in the same time.



Front page is very lovely, because of combination of blue and purple.


photo (1)

The very first page looks like this.



When you open it, you can see the content of the book, named by the alphabet.

AA : Why The Bra ?

   A: Before The Bra

   B: Bra Wars

   C: The Jazz Years

   D: The Hollywood Years 60

DD: The Pop Years

   E: The Wonder Years

   F: The Shape Of Things To Come


photo (2)

Book contains a lot of interesting photos and information's. Like the one above. While I was reading it, I just could believe it what women were trying to do, just to be more closer to the ideal of woman. They went to extreme lengths to achieve the fashionable hourglass figure of the 1800s, which demanded a waist measuring no more than 21 inches ! Can you believe it ?


photo (3)

Suffragettes went to great lengths to advertise their cause, while also shunning the constrictions of the hated corset.


photo (4)

Book is also full of quotes from important people that change the world of fashion and the world of women.


photo (5)

With the book you go slowly through the history of bra. But the great thing about this book, is that you can also see how women were changing over the centuries and their relationship with men, while they were getting more and more women rights.


photo (6)

Bra you can see on the photo above is adorned with more than 2,000 diamonds. Who wouldn't want that  ? But I'm pretty sure I would rather keep it in some glassy wardrobe, than wear it.


photo (8)


photo (7)

In this book you can also find a lot of great tips for all of you. I think its around 80 % of women, that are not wearing a right size of the bra, so this is really helpful to read.

photo (9)

And this is the back cover of this lovely book.


I hope you enjoyed in this book preview. Now go and find yourself a book ! Smile


  1. I'd love to read this book, it looks really interesting and fun! *___*

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  7. Seems like an interesting book!
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