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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Couch to 5K - The Easy Way

Craving that beach body? Want to get fit for the summer? With a burn of up to around 400 calories a session, running is a quick and easy way to get a more toned physique. There are loads of other health benefits to hitting the road too. Regular runners generally have a stronger heart and lungs, and there is some evidence that running can guard against osteoporosis by increasing bone density. Running is also an effective stress reliever and can really boost your mood. If you’re new to running, here are some tips to get you started.


The Right Kit

The good news is that for running you don’t need to spend a fortune. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and it’s best to start with a trusted brand - Puma trainers are stylish, comfortable and affordable. If you haven’t exercised for a while, chances are you may not have any suitable clothing. However, don’t let this be an excuse – you just need something loose and comfortable in a material that breathes.


Warming up and down

Provided your muscles are warm then you don’t need to do specific stretches. A brisk five-minute walk at the beginning and end of each session is a good idea. Don’t just go out the front door and start running; make sure you walk briskly for a while first. For a warm-down, the worst thing you can do is stop running and immediately sit down, so keep walking until you’re fully recovered.


Food and drink

It’s important to make sure you have energy for your run but don’t overdo it. Have a light snack like a banana prior to running. Providing you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, you don’t really need a water bottle with you on your run. If you are thirsty then drink – just not too much.

Running technique

Walk as fast as you can until it feels uncomfortable and then it should feel natural to break into a jog. Always land on your heels and push through on to your toes. Keep your shoulders relaxed and make sure your elbows are close to your body, bent but loose. Keep an upright posture and have your head up and be aware of your environment. Breathing heavily and panting is absolutely fine and normal.

So no more excuses – winter’s over now. Buy a decent pair of trainers, download some pumping tunes for your mp3 player, and get out there!




  1. thank you so much :* ohh I love exercises!

  2. I LOVE running :D I do it every second day for 1 hour :)

  3. You're right, running its a great form to lose weight...
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  4. Heading out for a run tonight :)

  5. Nice schoes:)

  6. T____T i really need to start exercising! thanks for motivating post!

  7. Now you make me wanna get up and run.. I haven't run for quite sometime now. I have to search on where to buy scrap platinum. Those shoes are great looking and I know that they good ones.