Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Fashion Week

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


1. There’s a Lot of Buildup for Very Little Payoff


Every show requires months of design work, weeks of set, music, and lighting design, hours of hair and makeup—and that doesn’t even take into consideration the time and energy spent on the press side, inviting people to the show, checking them in, and getting them seated. The actual length of most runway shows? About fifteen minutes

2. There is Food Everywhere


Beyond the water, soda, and snacks being passed around in the tent lobby, there is a catering spread backstage at each and every show. Coffee, tea, juice, veggies, fruit, sandwiches, pastries, cheese, snacks, cookies…you name it, it’s there, and it’s free for the taking. And if you don’t get there soon enough, someone else will take it. Beside the media people gulping down Diet Pepsi in the tents, who’s eating all this delicious free food, you ask?

3. Models Eat. A Lot.


The models are eating constantly. They eat bagels, they eat pasta salad, they eat cookies, they eat cheese. They spend so much time eating that to get a picture of them, you often have to politely interrupt their lunch. They are cool with it; it is their job, after all.

4. The Most Ridiculous Outfits are Worn by the Most Useless People

The actual purpose of Fashion Week is for editors, store buyers, and industry insiders to preview designers’ new collections. These people are basically at work. They’re dressed well, but no better than they would be on any other day. (They’re fashion insiders, though, so their everyday looks are still pretty fierce.) The only people who get dressed to the nines and arrive wearing crazy street-style looks are people who are there mainly to get their pictures taken. Anyone wearing something truly outrageous is just a fameball or a self-aggrandizing minor blogger trying to get some publicity. A filmy, diaphanous skirt and sandals on a freezing February day? Please.

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  1. Interesting! :)

  2. So TRUE abt fashion show prep work...SO MUCH WORK & STRESS for that 15mins showtime.

    How bout the backstage is a HOT MESS & LOTS OF SHOUTING for coordination WHILE the audience outside are enjoying the show peacefully?? LOL

    GREAT POST! Interesting to read :)

  3. hahaha this is so funny!

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  5. 4. hahaha. That outfit doesn't even look good....

  6. Love the coat!
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