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First I would like to say, that I'm sorry, because I wont publish Sunday Wish-list this time. And the reason is, I think completely obvious, from the title of this post. So next part of SW, I will publish next Sunday.

Yesterday passed away one of the most popular singers. Whitney Houston, who ruled as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, died on Saturday at age of 48. She had been expected to attend a pre-Grammy gala but was found dead hours before the event. Paramedics attempted to revive Houston, but were unsuccessful. Beverly Hills police Lt. Mark Rosen told reporters outside the Beverly Hilton that Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. in her room on the fourth floor of the hotel. A coroner's van left the hotel with Houston's body in the early hours of Sunday, NBC News reported. "There were no obvious signs of any criminal intent," Rosen said. An examination had not been scheduled and that investigators are awaiting reports before an autopsy could be conducted, Capt. Brian Elias of the Los Angeles County coroner's office told The Associated Press. Houston's publicist, Kristen Foster, said the cause of death was unknown. Rosen said police received a 911 call from hotel security about Houston at 3:43 p.m. Saturday. Paramedics who were already at the hotel because of a Grammy party unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate the singer, he said. TMZ also reported that there was no evidence that Houston had been drinking alcohol in the room, although various bottles of pills had been discovered. Her mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, and cousin, Dionne Warwick, had spoken to her earlier in the day, perhaps just a half-hour before she was discovered dead, TMZ reported earlier. Houston's end came on the eve of music's biggest night — the Grammy Awards. It's a showcase where she once reigned, and her death was sure to cast a heavy pall on Sunday's ceremony. A Grammys tribute to her was quickly planned, with Jennifer Hudson leading the show, Access Hollywood reported. Houston had been at rehearsals for Clive Davis' pre-Grammy gala and concert Thursday, coaching singers Brandy and Monica, according to a person who was at the event but was not authorized to speak publicly about it. The person said Houston looked disheveled, was sweating profusely and liquor and cigarettes could be smelled on her breath. Two days ago, she performed at a pre-Grammy party with singer Kelly Price. The Rev. Al Sharpton said he would call for a national prayer Sunday morning during a service at Second Baptist Church in Los Angeles. "The morning of the Grammys, the world should pause and pray for the memory of a gifted songbird," Sharpton said in a written statement. At her peak, Houston was the golden girl of the music industry. From the middle 1980s to the late 1990s, she was one of the world's best-selling artists. She wowed audiences with effortless, powerful, and peerless vocals that were rooted in the black church but made palatable to the masses with a pop sheen. Her success carried her beyond music to movies, where she starred in hits like "The Bodyguard" and "Waiting to Exhale." She had the perfect voice and the perfect image: a gorgeous singer who had sex appeal but was never overtly sexual, who maintained perfect poise. She influenced a generation of younger singers, from Christina Aguilera to Mariah Carey, who when she first came out sounded so much like Houston that many thought it was Houston. But by the end of her career, Houston became a stunning cautionary tale of the toll of drug use. Her album sales plummeted and the hits stopped coming; her once serene image was shattered by a wild demeanor and bizarre public appearances. She confessed to abusing cocaine, marijuana and pills, and her once pristine voice became raspy and hoarse, unable to hit the high notes as she had during her prime. "The biggest devil is me. I'm either my best friend or my worst enemy," Houston told ABC's Diane Sawyer in an infamous 2002 interview with then-husband Brown by her side. It was a tragic fall for a superstar who was one of the top-selling artists in pop music history, with more than 55 million records sold in the United States alone.


But we don’t want to remember her, as a person with a drug problems, right ? We all want to to remember her, as a great singer and performer and even actress ! I'm pretty sure you all remember, one of the most popular movies The Bodyguard, where she was acting with Kevin Costner.


I found few of her famous quotes on my sisters blog :

For more quotes by her, click ::here::



And now go and enjoy in her incredible voice by listening her beautiful songs.

She surely will be missed, but never forgotten.


  1. She was amazing :( Lovely blog, though ! Would you consider following each other? If you do, please let me know so I can follow back :)

    Love, Mary

  2. what a great post, she was such an inspiration - her voice is incredibly good.


  3. RIP Whitney, its such a sad day and thank you for sharing this.

  4. how sad, I'm sure the world is going to miss her. Her songs are amazing, and her talent is awesome.


  5. Just soo soo sad and tragic. Such talent gone! Uh!!

  6. I love her songs, R.I.P. :(( great post

  7. hi there! i loved this post! we have really lost a real diva! It would be good for many artists at the moment to take learning of her life, what to do and what not to do!

    By the way, love ur last posts! ty very much 4 ur comments at my blog! kisses pretty
    .) Pili (sorry bout the mistakes in english, my english is worst lolol)

  8. She was so inspirational, may she rest in peace...

    Xo, Imke