Early birthday present

Thursday, November 24, 2011

hi, guys,first I would like to say a big sorry to everyone, because I wasnt posting few days and I wasnt publishing your comments. Why ? I had too much exams in school, so I couldnt take time for posting... No you are probably asking yourself, what is my early birthday gift. What do you think ? what you have in mind, when I say it will help me with blogging ? That it makes reading magazines or books much easier and more fun. That its helping me, when Im bored. Soooo.... What do you think it is ?

iPad 2

Im so happy I finally have it ! Its my early birthday present. I didnt want to wait until my birthday (10.12.) so I asked my sister to help me to convince mom. So we went to shop and bought it, and becuase I wanted iPad in white color, we went to 3 diffrent stores, until we finally found it ! 
Right now, Im totally obsessed with it ! I love to play games on it, and reading magazines and books. I just love it ! 
Here is the photo of box of my little thing :
This photo was taken before I opened it !

Soon I will publish more photos of iPad2 and show you my favorites wallpapers for it ! I just cant wait until my birthday ! Its ''only'' 16 more days until it !

Have fun :)


  1. great! Can't wait to see more photos of your new baby! :D:D

  2. It's beautiful, specially in white. :)

  3. what a nice birthday gift!!! advance happy birthday to you!!!=))


  4. Happy Birthday in advance hun, hope you have a wicked one =)

    MiMi ♥..
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