Cosmopolitan&High Heels Kind of Night

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Yesterday was the first time I was actually wearing high heels out !! OMG ! Can you believe it ? Blogger with huge love for fashion and has never wore heels before ? Yep that’s me. I had absolutely no issues with walking and staying in them for whole night. Now I'm officially a huge fan of heels !   I have a feeling like I was born to walk in heels (LOL) but I just found out that at my age of 19. Well to be honest the reason why I’m this late with heels is probably my mom. She is one of those moms that keeps telling you that you don’t need heels and that you are going to break your legs because you don’t know how to walk. My response to that was always the same: >>I am not able to know how to walk in heels if I don’t have any !!<<  And when I told her that, her reaction was: …. IGNOR ! Yep she ignored me, because she knew I was right. When someone is constantly telling you that you are too clumsy and stuff like that, you just start to believe them and start to thinking that you really don’t want to look like a dressed up duck walking around. One day I said to myself: >>It’s over ! I’m buying myself some heels and I’m gonna learn to walk in this shit !<< And I did. I bought myself first pair of heels. Classical piece: suede black pumps. Everyone was telling me to start with lower heel but my cute little brain have this philosophy: I should start with really high heels and if I learn on those, I won’t have problems with wearing something else with smaller heel. 

Now I just can’t wait to buy myself a new pair ! yay !


  1. Cosmopolitan je zakon! sama sem prvič nosila petke na maturantskem plesu, ampak nimam preveč dobre izkušnje z njimi. Mogoče bi morala poiskati kakšne boljše. :))

    1. men je odličen ! čeprav so mi že nekateri komentirali, da je preveč pričakovano od mene, da ga pijem :D hh. js sem pred tem hodila po hiši kakšen teden v njih.tko sem bla pridna, da sem celo kopalnico čistla v njih xD

  2. I can't wait to see your next outfit with high-heels! Lovely post!