Styles For THE Man-II.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello girls and today more important boys :) Because this time I’m giving some extra attention to you again. If you want to see part I. of this post, click

So lets talk about style. As I said I got a lot of questions from males about their outfits and style so I'm here to help you again with all of this.




Why we love this look ? cardigan in bright color + polo t-shirt (there are few things I'm falling for when it comes to male fashion and one of them are absolutely cardigans. I talked about them in previous part of this post. But all I want to tell you it’s to really take a good look on this guy because Its so easy to notice how he upgraded his look. He just add a cool piece of clothing in lovely bright color and he turned this simple outfit to a little bit more noticeable. This is a simple tip for ladies too ! Just add some color ! don’t be afraid of using colors. )



Why we love this look ? simple white t-shirt + black leather jacket +  washed blue jeans + aviator sunglasses (very simple outfit but somehow we really like it. All this together is a great choice. It’s simple but looks cool with a dash of rock in it.)



Why we love this look ? hat + shoes (this guy know that he can really get a great look with just adding few interesting details like grey hat and desert boots in tan color.)



Why we love this look ? earth tones + shirt in tiffany blue color (all you have to do is to dress up normally and instead od putting on some shirt in some boring color just add shirt in fun and different color. This shirt will definitely make you look younger so its great for you if you want to hide your real age. Because the shirt is youthful by itself don’t pull it out from your pants. Put in inside and add simple vintage brown belt. )



Why we love this look ? layering + blazer (getting this outfit wont be a problem to any man because I'm pretty sure that almost all of the items from the photo above you already have in your closet. So lets take a closer look to what you need: simple t-shirt with print on it, check shirt in darker color (instead of dark color use shirt in bright color and make it look even more different ), blazer in darker color, washed jeans, sneakers in darker color – note: color of shoes doesn’t have to match entire outfit. )



Why we love this look ? layering of clothes + accessories (here again we can see that layering it’s still IN so just go for it. Also I just love his accessories ! Im so in love with this outfit ! Lets start from the top and then going down… hat, glasses, scarf, bracelet, bag and finally the shoessss ! love this guy ! lol. )



Why we love this look ? bow tie + plaid shirt (enough said !)




  1. loved that you tapped on menswear - uncommonly done. David Beckham epitomizes menswear!

    1. I agree with you :D and thanks for your lovely comment ;))

  2. Thank you so much for your comment!! I'm so happy that yout liked my outfit with these special pullover! :) . Stay tunned for more! hehe ;)

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  3. I´d like that my boyfriend would wear like one of that guys hahaha
    Nice post...

  4. Great feature dear, we don't often see menswear and its always interesting to see whats in vogue. I agree Mr Beckham has impeccable style.

    1. yes I agree about that ! Beckham is always our girls first choice when it comes to style ;D

  5. Zakon, lepo napisano :). So mi všeč vsi stylingi! :)


  6. Love this! :) These are some stylish men, indeed!

    xo Ashley

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