Saturday, January 19, 2013

Girls and boys prepare your glasses to take a good look on those guys that I prepared specially for you!


1. BOYCE AVENUE- ok its really not hard to guess why we girls are so in love with them ! Voice ! OMG ! Those guys are really talented ! Alejandro, Fabian, and Daniel Manzano are simply great combination together ! And I think I'm speaking in the name of whole female population when I say that our hearts just melt when we are listening to them. I think they can bring some emotions in to every single song with performing them on completely other way. Which is my favorite ? Alejandro, lol xD That is the guy on right :)

Here I add few of my favorite covers from lovely boys:

BA-Here without you
BA–She will be loved
BA–Without you
BA-Wherever you will go
BA-What hurts the most


2. JASON DERULO- Girl just admit it he and his voice together creates something called H-O-T and then just add song named In My Head and you are ready to die !

Jason Derulo–In my head


3. JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT – Lets be honest! After we saw him in movie 10 Thing I Hate About You we were sure he would never make it to some list of hot guys but just look at him now. And why we love him so much ? He have this look of really good guy ! Guy that any girl would love to spend her life with. He look super cute and extremely nice. Lately our Jo is really on top of list when it comes to actors and we hope we could watch him in more romantic movies again, like the one when he was acting in 500 Days Of Summer.


NOTE: Here is not all about look, but here is something much more. All of those guys above have something that we just don’t know what it is, but it makes them extremely attractive. And all of the guys out there, you don’t need to look like any of those guys to make girls want you and love you. Just be yourself and treat her right :) That’s all we need :) Enjoy your day !


  1. nice post! I love almost all that songs! :)

  2. Never heard about the first boygroup - will definetly listen to their songs! Jason Derulo is great indeed! :)

    1. :D I agree ! Yes you should listen to them, Im pretty sure you will like it :D

  3. i really love "here without you"! maybe i'm biased!


  4. Great post and videos !!

    I also love Joseph especially the last movies he's in :)



    1. Thanks dear :) My favorite movie by him is 500 Days of Summer:)) He is so nice and cute in there :D

  5. Boyce Avenue covers are freaking amazing :)

    xo Ashley